Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hi There To All My Fans

Welcome to my blogger site. I want to thank you for all your support and let me do your requested songs. New songs and unheard songs are difficult to me so I have to practice more. Thanks for all my loving fans on youtube who let me upload their request songs and give me strength and confidence to become popular youtube. let's keep on rockin'. The dream may become granted someday. I dreamed to be on a TV show and it came true, BITOYS SHOWWWTIME featured my boom boom pow video. I was thankful that they got me to perform on their show. I was excited and nervous too. It was like wow it looks like I am an artist for that show. Same method as I performed there on youtube on my performance. Many audiences cheered me up. Watch my performance this coming Saturday on GMA 7 after Celebrity Duets. By the way, Watch my videos here while waiting. Thank you and love you all.


  1. more power and more songs! Go go go!

  2. Hi, add me in my email, ; please, i love u ;D

  3. you are so fucking weird. you don't get out much do you? YOU REALLY THINK YOU'RE FUCKING GOOD? YOU ARE THE MOST RETARDED PERSON I'VE EVER SEEN.

    and oh yeah you're a total fag

  4. Hellos , hope you will come out more sonq :D ,
    Hehe , & dance more .
    Better you dance until you fall out the chair okay ? then it will make me laugh like hell :DD
    <3 , love your sonq manzxc . love like hell .

  5. I'm so happy for your opportunities to do what you love! You have the guts and confidence to follow your dream--more than most people are willing to do with their own lives. So, keep doing what you're doing, and I'm sure no matter how far you go, it will be farther than anyone who does not even try to listen to his heart. I hope you find a music style that works best for your voice.

  6. hello , add mii in myy msn :) .. you're great !

  7. u are awesome. dude why ddont u upload ur tv show performance on youtube.

  8. My dear, your performs was wonderful!
    keep it up!
    the world needs people like you, that brings joy to our hearts and tears to our eyes!

  9. I don't mean to sound rude but I don't understand how this guy is awesome when it comes to singing? Are you guys liking him because he is entertaining, makes you laugh or acts retarded? Basically is he just a puppet that is being exploited?

    I admire his guts for singing and posting his videos on youtube and not being embarrassed but trying to be famous-honestly you are not going to be famous for singing-famous because you act like a retard and make people laugh.

    Please stop doing this you are not famous for singhing. There is no sense of music in you. You can't keep a tune, you sound like a chipmunk when you please find some thing that you are talented in -because right now it seems like your talent is you being a "Freak".

    However if you still enjoy all this attention despite this then Bless you in what you do and good luck with it..but I am telling the truth..even though it hurts.

  10. hii.... i love your brazil you are very popular...send me an email and ill pass to a big producer of sony music (my uncle),but put some picture 10X15 ok,if you dont have put just the your best video.
    i relly whant to help nice people like you!!
    the world needs this!!!
    please send a email to :
    bye =]

  11. I am your #1 FAN!!!! 4eva!! I am working on a song I would like to do with you!

  12. Hi ! =D
    Waow, what you do is so great ! Can we talk on MSN ? add me:

    Thank you ! =)

  13. Hi!

    I sent you a message in your Youtube account. I hope I can talk to you about the endorsement. Thanks so much and hope to hear from you soon!

    Please dont hesitate to contact me.

    Lovel Aniag
    EURO RSCG - Manila
    Ortigas Center
    6359355 loc 120

  14. OMG! You're crazy! Really really crazy!!!

    But I like crazy people...

    I'm crazy too...

  15. You're an awesome entertainer. You bring smile and joy to people. Much love from Malaysia. ;)

  16. Nick Dreamer, where are your other videos? Like the Fireflies videoclip pardoy


  18. C'mon men, go to youtube again, or other website, you sing in tune, an expectacular soprano, Continue singing and don't care about the stupid critics! :D